Kids Fashion Week is a non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt company that provides a major platform for youth to present their talents to the world. Our year-long program reaches youth in diverse genres to include performing arts, entrepreneurship, and creative industries. We offer opportunities for growth, networking, and career development in their respective industries.


The program culminates with an annual three-day event "Kids Fashion Week". During the week, we host a networking event, a free "Workshops" fair that encourages learning through creative play, and the finale is the runway show! 


The objectives of Kids Fashion Week Network is to: 

  • Provide a platform for children looking to advance their careers.

  • Offer an opportunity for growth, networking, and development for professional children.

  • Encourage confidence, creativity, and self-expression.

  • Contribute to and inspire the community of kidpreneurs.

Who should apply? 

  • Youth models are encouraged to apply between the ages of 6-16 years old. 

  • Youth with other talents may apply to participate in our annual show under the age of 21.

- Our Team - 


Auntea Marie

Akilah Dia-Amadi

Crystal Davis

Washington DC Executive Team

Ya-Hawnia Williams 

Aminah Muhammad 

Southern California Executive Team

Aubree Lynn Russell

Jr. Executives

Sophia Love

Afuw Jr.

Mecca Muhammad